FT-950 Pan Adapter Upgrade

This project is to add spectrum and waterwall display for the FT-950. This a well trodden work and the most  well documented project is (and thanks to) Jeffrey Bail’s (NT1K) blog who provides a very good description.

My FT-950 Now Has SDR!

October 2015:

The IF-2000 installed very easily and I have chosen HDSDR to perform the  pan adapter function. DELL 980 computer has a sound card with 192 kHz audio band width.  The RF-Space product adds great capability to the FT-950. The HDSDR provides a good spectrum and waterfall display which works well. The only 2 issues I am currently resolving are:

  1. the bandwidth of the audio card in the Dell computer combined with the IF-2000 is not very flat across the 192 kHz. The response varies depending upon the band the radio is operating on but can be compensated by changing the microphone boost setting in recording devices. Need to achieve a more consistent performance across the bands. I have resolved this by increasing the sample rate in Windows 7 to 44 kHz. Response across the 192 kHz is now satisfactory.
  2. the radio IF output at the nominal 10.550 MHz has a several kHz offset and a couple of “birdies” or harmonics showing up on the spectrum display which again vary depending upon band selected. The FT-950 has an IF adjustment. However I have decided to live with this offset.

December 2016: Conclusion

After using the spectrum display for a year now I can report that this is a great addition to the FT-950. I run the HDSDR on a separate computer with the display (spectrum display) immediately adjacent to the computer display which controls the transceiver. Also have decided to transition the from HRD to TRX-Manager control software which has a different control philosophy to HRD. Takes a  bit of getting used to, but overall better than HRD imho.