My Shack

My amateur radio station is a slowly evolving setup which is limited more by available time than anything else.

Equipment/ software list:

  1. Yaesu FT-950 with IF-2000 board fitted. MD100 Desk microphone.ft-950
  2. Signalink USB for digital modesSignalink USB
  3. Kenwood R-1000 ReceiverKenwood R1000
  4. Dell Optiplex 980 PC with SSD and Windows 7 Ultimate
  5. Ensemble II SDR (for 192 kHz pan adapter) with HDSDREnsemble II
  6. TRX-Manager. After operating with Ham Radio Deluxe for several years and with the free version now not supported I decided to transfer to TRX-Manager. Its operating philosophy is different to HRD – it takes a little of getting used to – however it is stable and performs well and provides an excellent glass interface to the Yaesu.
  7.  Nally 2 stage tilt over tower (13m). Purchased 2’nd hand from an amateur  in Victoria. It was in good condition albeit with the support pole cut off at ground level. Welded a 3m length of heavy galvanised pipe on the bottom (reinforced internally) and concreted into the ground. 
  8. Buckmaster 7 Band OCF Dipole
  9. Diamond CP62 5/8 λ 6m vertical (has  incurred significant cocky damage – not operational) – now repaired thanks to aluminium tubing sourced TET-Emtron (great service).