About VK5RY

Welcome to my website which is mainly dedicated to my amateur radio hobby.

I have had a life long interest in radio with  the time only recently to get my amateur radio licence. First licensed in 2010 (VK5VRE) and quickly upgrading to my current advanced licence, VK5RY, in November 2010. I operate my station from  a property I have north of Jamestown in South Australia near a small town (population about 10 on a busy day) called Yatina.

My main radio is a Yaesu FT-950 linked to a Signalink USB for digital operation. The antennae are mounted on a 40′ Nally tilt over tower and consist of a 7 band Buckmaster OCF dipole and a 6m 5/8 vertical.

Other radios I have are:

  • Yaesu FT-7900 dual band mobile
  • Uniden UBCD396XT Scanner
  • Realistic Pro-2006 Sanner
  • Kenwood R-1000 Receiver
  • Realistic DX-150B Receiver

Current project is a tank gauge using a load cell to measure the quantity of water in the tank.